The Environment is the sole factor for the presence of life on earth. To have a sound life one needs natural air (free of contamination), clean water supply and clean environment. In the event that air and water are contaminated and surroundings are squalid then we are inclined to deadly wellbeing issue. So we have to shield nature as far as contamination and transfer of trash. Thinking about the significance of condition, everybody needs to play it safe to limit squander via watchful utilization of intensity, vehicles and other contamination creating specialists.

At Mohit Kamboj Foundation we trust that the viability and effect of a venture is not estimated by cash, but rather by the level of responsibility that the volunteers have towards the reason. We are pleased to state that we are a substantial gathering of individuals who really trust that India has given us such a great amount regarding widely varied vegetation, that it is currently our chance to give back. Our activities go from tidying lakes to setting up sparrow and stray shelters; from setting up gardens in schools to leading turtle strolls to guarantee poaching is lessened.