Better Education is exceptionally fundamental for all to proceed in the life and get an achievement. It creates certainty and constructs the identity of a man. In such a focused world, it is must for all to have a decent instruction. The significance of advanced education has moved toward becoming progressively in landing great position and position. Appropriate training makes bunches of approaches to proceed later on. It makes us solid rationally, socially and mentally by expanding our insight level, specialized abilities and great position in the activity. Every last child has their own particular long for accomplishing something else in the life. MK Foundation progresses in the direction of advancing the lives of the marginalized communities of India. It upgrades job openings and gives pertinent data to help diminish dangers for rural communities. By conveying locally-important arrangements, it additionally improves rustic livelihoods in agribusiness, marine fisheries and other homestead and non-cultivate based exercises. The Foundation tries methodical endeavors to enhance the quality and efficiency of country resources, prompting expanded and more solid yields. Hence guaranting expanded wages.