Arts, Culture & Heritage

When we discuss the estimation of art and culture to society, we generally begin with its inherent esteem: how art and culture can light up our inward lives and advance our enthusiastic world.

This is the thing that we love.

Notwithstanding, we likewise comprehend that art and culture has a more extensive, more quantifiable effect on our economy, well-being, and prosperity, society, and training.
It’s important we also perceive this effect to enable individuals to think about our art and culture for what they are a vital national asset.

The estimation of art and culture to individuals and society traces the current proof on the effect of art and culture on our economy, well-being, and prosperity, society and instruction.

Mohit Kamboj Foundation is rethinking approaches to ensure and elevate India’s precious legacy to support as well as make craftsmanship and culture important to the more youthful age. India is a place that is known for assorted societies and it is MKF’s undertaking to guarantee that the adolescent acknowledges and interfaces with its rich legacy and expressions.